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“Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.”

You can call it what you want……progress, hope, inevitability……or even “nothing to see here.” I call it “the inevitability that the progress we’ve made as a society and a hope that it continues to enrich our human spirit.”

More About Theresa

Theresa Claiborne is a renowned aviation leader offering engaging opportunities across diverse platforms. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of subjects designed to enrich and empower audiences. Theresa’s offerings include keynote speaking, media appearances, and strategic partnerships.

Her unique insights also address Aviation STEM, education, support for women and minorities, and enhancing collaboration within the aviation industry. Theresa’s commitment to excellence in aviation and her passion for mentoring the next generation distinguish her in the field.

Breaking Barriers in Aviation

Theresa can discuss her journey as one of the few Black women pilots in commercial aviation, highlighting her experiences, challenges, and triumphs. This topic can inspire discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion in traditionally male-dominated fields.​

Leadership and Mentorship in High-Stakes Environments

Drawing on her roles in both military and commercial aviation, Theresa can share insights on effective leadership and mentorship under pressure. This topic is ideal for audiences interested in leadership development, team building, and performance excellence.

Advocacy and Development in Aviation Education

As President of Sisters of the Skies, Theresa is well-positioned to speak on the importance of education and community support in fostering diversity in aviation. She can explore how scholarships, mentorship, and community engagement can help diversify the pipeline of future aviation professionals.